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Leading Grain Industry Expert

Over 30 years of experience in the grain 

storage, drying and handling industry.


Why Safety is Important to Us

Jeffrey D. Decker, President/Owner of Decker Consulting & Investigations, Inc.  grew up on a small family farm in central Illinois where his love for Agriculture was cultivated at a young age.

In 1991 he graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology. He worked for The GSI Group, LLC for over 23 years and in April 2013 he established Decker Consulting & Investigations, Inc. His current position as President/Owner involves; Industry Leading Grain Entrapment/Engulfment Prevention & Rescue Expert, Sales and Support for Grain Bin Engulfment Prevention Systems, Tower Dryer Burner Fall Protection Systems, Advanced Grain Rescue Systems, Custom Agricultural Safety/Rescue Systems, Product Safety, Consulting, Safety and Rescue Education/Training, Accident and Fire Investigations and Expert Witness Testimony. 

He was injured in a farm accident which almost cost him his life while in high school; he now works extensively with Universities, Ag Extension services, Student organizations, Coalitions, and First Responders to promote Agricultural Safety Awareness.


You're One Stop Solution for Safety and Expertise

Leading expert in agricultural:  fire and explosion investigations, product failures, storm damage, accident evaluations and expert witness testimony. Providing custom and unique safety solutions for all your companies needs.


  • Custom Safety System Designs
  • Origin & Cause Fire Investigations
  • Agricultural, Commercial, Residential & Vehicles
  • Storm Damage Evaluations
  • Accident Investigations
  • Product Failure Analysis
  • Agricultural Safety Consulting
  • Product Design Services
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Grain Bin Inspection Services
  • Rescue / Safety Training - Grain Bin Entry/Rescue
  • Confined Space Entry/Rescue, Agricultural Rescue
  • Patient Packaging, & High Angle Rope Rescue


Commercial Grain Engulfment Prevention/Retrieval System

  • SS Knot Passing/PMP Pulleys
  • 8mm Prusik Cord Transfer Line
  • Forged “D” Anchors
  • 2000# Engineered Anchor System
  • 1/2” Life Line - Pre-Rigged
  • 1/2” Belay Line - Pre-Rigged
  • 1/2” Haul System 4:1 - Pre-Rigged
  • Auto-Locking Rope Grabs
  • Rescue Harnesses
  • Aluminum Davit Arm
  • Farm Systems Available


Concrete Silo Side Entry LifeLine/Retrieval System

  • 100’ 3-Way SRL

  • 100’ Man Winch

  • Davit Arm

  • Portable / Adj. Base

  • Clamp Bolts


Tower Dryer Burner Fall Protection System

  • (2)-Two Person Rated System

  • Attaches to Vertical Grain Column Dividers

  • Dual Parallel Tracks/Trolleys (Passable)

  • Swings Over Burner for Use

  • Locks Against Wall for Storage

  • Available for New & Existing Tower Dryers


Ladder Cable Fall Protection Systems

  • Stainless Steel Systems for Harsh Agricultural Environment

  • Systems Designed for Grain Bin Hollow Rung & Solid Rung Ladders

  • Front Attachment Harnesses / Easy Pass Intermediate Cable Brackets


Advanced Grain Rescue System (AGRS)

  • Aluminum Frame

  • Polycarbonate

  • Ultralight Weight

  • Tube Configuration

  • Wall Configuration

  • Clear—See Victim

  • Victim Can See Out

  • Fits Through 24” Hole

  • Auger - 1/2” Drill Drive

  • Walk on Grain Surface


Sloped Roof Retrieval System (SRRS) Patent Pending

  • Clamp-On Adjustable Base

  • Telescoping Tri-Leg Tower

  • All Aluminum

  • Linear Screw

  • Rotates Rigging

  • Head Past Eave

  • To Lower

  • Custom Bags

  • Winch Option


Advanced Grain Engulfment Rescue Trailer and Custom Training

Advanced Grain Engulfment Rescue Trailer

  • Turn Key Systems
  • Basic Package
  • Deluxe Package
  • Customizable


  • Grain Bin Entry/Rescue
  • Confined Space Entry/Rescue
  • Agricultural Rescue 
  • Patient Packaging
  • High Angle Rope Rescue
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Low Angle Rope/Search and Rescue


Safety in Action!

J&R Farms Safety Innovations by Decker Consulting & Innovations, Inc.

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